Credit Solutions

Meet Diane, owner of SFL Notary & Credit Solutions, LLC.

Diane Absoli – Owner, Public Notary & Notary Signing Agent

Diane has been in the field of financial services since 2011 and is knowledge-based on personal and client services experience.

“Credit is very important to have and maintain in this day and age and sometimes things occur in life that causes us to fall short of maintaining it.” She reassures her clients that there is a way out of having bad credit.

“Many people are unaware of the discrepancies that appear on their credit report that can hinder them from getting a lower rate on their mortgage, buying a new vehicle, or even applying for new credit. It is not a pleasant feeling to be denied for some of the finer things in life when you know you work hard to deserve it.”

With her experience,  she positions herself to be an aiding tool in helping people not only repair their credit but also rebuild and maintain it for years to come. “The goal is to get you back on the right track through education and practical application. I want to help educate you on when to take a risk and if the risk will be beneficial towards your future growth because having knowledge is powerful.”

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