Need to Know

Credit-RepairOur services are provided based on the package selection that best fits the needs of the client. Services are limited to a short window for consistent change updates. The method of billing for services is based on the package selected. The more inquiries you have, the more advanced of a package you will need to resolve your issues. The length of time for a credit report correction to be completed may vary, may take more than 30 days to resolve, and may take more than one approach to resolve. Disputes vary and the methods of disputing can be electronic and/or via certified mail.

All information about the dispute process including times, dates, communication, etc., is available for the consumer to review at any time. Services begin from the date of acquirement/payment and all changes and deletions are based starting from that date. There is a 3 day grace period after payment is received before the processing and investigation begin. Updates are sent to clients periodically via text or email. Electronic document delivery is available for clients who provide an email address on file at no fee.

We do not offer a “membership” to resolve your credit issues, simply pick a package that closely matches your credit needs. No refunds are given for work that has already been scheduled or completed. If a refund is requested more than 5 working days after payment has been processed, it is reviewed on a case by case basis.

In submitting payment for services to initialize, the client agrees that all dispute information and letters will be represented on their behalf to the credit reporting agencies and creditors and authorizes their signature to be used to complete services during each dispute process for that period. It is the responsibility of the client to provide the correct mailing address, proof of identification, and any notification of activity on their credit report or information pertaining to their credit received in the mail to SFLNCS. Failure to do so in a timely manner may delay completion of services or terminate all services immediately if received out of an unreasonable window of time to take action.

Information by mail may be received via the client address and it is the client’s responsibility to update the representative of any information received pertaining to disputes or information regarding their credit profile to ensure efficient service. Changes or inclusions to our central address may be listed on your credit report and have no bearing on any future inquiries or purchases.