The Process


What to Have

In order to begin, you will need the following:

  • A valid CreditKarma login username and password. Please visit in order to set up an online account,
  • An alternative is retrieving your annual free credit report from,
  • or any credit reporting company that allows the monitoring of all three of the reporting agencies.

✔ Designate up to 1 hour for an in-person consultation or 30 minutes for telephonic consultation.

  • Your address,
  • social security number,
  • and a copy of your driver’s license with the most recent/u[dated address must be available. Please provide your most accurate up to date address if it is not already listed on your drivers’ license. We are not liable for any information sent to or filed to an old or incorrect address if not updated by the client. You can email your documents to, including any documents that need to be updated.

✔ Payment is required to begin services, payable via debit/credit card at the time of booking. You can complete payment here or request an invoice for the package you would like by scheduling your appointment via online. Credit consultation only is $25 for up to 1 hour. No submissions are made in consultation to credit bureaus.

Your Rights

Credit information is reported on your credit report but does not mean that information is accurate. It also does not mean that information is wrong either. Under federal law, you have a right to an accurate credit report. You have a right to challenge information you believe may be unverifiable, obsolete, questionable, or incomplete. You do not have the right to challenge everything and anything on your credit reports, including information you believe is 100% accurate, without regard to the laws. You have a right to 100% accuracy of the information on your credit report. And there are laws which protect this right.

In no way of advertisement or promotion do we solicit or as a partnership in affiliation with SFL Notary & Credit Solutions.

Here’s how it works:

□ Obtain your credit report for FREE, if you are unable to do so, you can pay for your credit report and email or print it out.

□ Analyze what are your credit goals and select a package from here that will fit your needs. Consultation is available for selecting the right option as well if you submit a Contact Us request for a call, email, or appointment.

□ Allow the allotted timeframe for changes or acknowledgment to occur on your credit report. We will review any information that returns from the bureaus to confirm validity. It is the client’s responsibility to share all information received via mail or email with us in order to provide efficiency in services being rendered.

NOTE: Some disputes may require additional processing or time in order to complete. In complicated cases, it may take between six months to one year to remove all inaccuracies. Please remember to be patient and keep in mind that it takes time to rebuild your credit, in rare instances almost twice as long as it took to damage it.


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